Hawkboard (Part 2.) - gentoo, sata, TI

In this second part of my Hawkboard tale I share my experiences installing Gentoo Linux on an SD card, how I failed with the SATA disk and how much I appreciated Texas Instruments customer support. Finally I was able to use the SATA disk by choosing the right kernel and patches.

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arm embedded english gentoo hawkboard kernel linux omap omapl138 sata strongarm texasinstruments [2010 Jul 03]

Hawkboard (Part 3.) - gentoo root fs

I share my Gentoo root filesystem for Hawkboard. It does not support a GUI and it has other issues too. I describe the process of flashing a SATA ready kernel and also set the U-Boot parameters to boot that. I believe the Gentoo philosophy is very practical for embedded devices. Gentoo users normally compile everything from source and it has a smart system to fine tune the compilation procedure. Embedded users often have special needs so this can be a big advantage. The compilation is very time consuming so I share the compiled binary packages as well.

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arm embedded english gentoo hawkboard linux omap omapl138 strongarm texasinstruments [2010 Jul 10]

IGEP-V2 (Part 4.) - gentoo

Gentoo has very compelling features and I already have good experiences with it on x86. I plan to compile the whole Linux distribution from source. This is very time consuming, but rewarding at the same time. My feeling so far is setting the right optimization flags for IGEP makes a big difference. This post is going to be long. This is not a concise howto guide, but rather a collection of information that is not available in the official Gentoo installation guide. That document is a good starting point but one needs to know more to decide whether Gentoo would be the one to go with.

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arm binpkg embedded english gentoo igep igepv2 linux packages portage [2010 Mar 21]