Hawkboard (Part 2.) - gentoo, sata, TI

In this second part of my Hawkboard tale I share my experiences installing Gentoo Linux on an SD card, how I failed with the SATA disk and how much I appreciated Texas Instruments customer support. Finally I was able to use the SATA disk by choosing the right kernel and patches.

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arm embedded english gentoo hawkboard kernel linux omap omapl138 sata strongarm texasinstruments [2010 Jul 03]

Sheevaplug experiences

This article is about my experiences with my sheevaplug device, which is the original v1 model (rev 1.3). Marvell announced its 3.0 successor at CES, January 2010. Its price and availability is still unknown.
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beagleboard displaylink embedded english igep igepv2 kernel kirkwood linux marvell newit sheevaplug udlfb [2010 Feb 08]

VMWare performance tweaks on Linux (win xp guest)

I upgraded my Gentoo Linux box very recently. I don't do it very frequently, so this implied major changes in almost every component in my system. This includes the kernel and the vmware workstation I use. Sadly this did not go as smoothly as I wanted. The KDE desktop became very unstable and the vmware became painfully slow. I use vmware to run certain windows applications, for which I don't have feasible Linux alternatives (very few actually). Fixing KDE was very easy, I tried XFCE and fell in love with it. With vmware I struggled for days to fix this issue, so I think my findings may be useful for others.
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english kernel linux performance vmware [2010 Mar 12]