IGEP-V2 (Part 1.) - first impressions

This is the first part of my experiences with the IGEP-V2 platform . This is a Beagleborad clone with some very nice additions. They are both credit card size computers based on the Texas Instruments Omap3 CPUs. It is an ARM family CPU with very low power consumption. Both have nice homepages so I will not repeat specs here. I will rather compare my experiences with my Sheevaplug device that I bought earlier. It is also an ARM family computer based on the Marvell Kirkwood platform.

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arm embedded english igep igepv2 kirkwood linux marvell omap3 sheevaplug strongarm texasinstruments [2010 Feb 28]

Sheevaplug experiences

This article is about my experiences with my sheevaplug device, which is the original v1 model (rev 1.3). Marvell announced its 3.0 successor at CES, January 2010. Its price and availability is still unknown.
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beagleboard displaylink embedded english igep igepv2 kernel kirkwood linux marvell newit sheevaplug udlfb [2010 Feb 08]